Sex with Stranger

I am Macy, and I enjoy having sex with strangers. So, let's suppose they have to first become a fan of my live cam show and shower me with presents, so they become strangers, I know, but if they hit the appropriate key, I will give them what they want: my phone number. Today I'm fucking with one of my best fans of the month; he invited me to his house, and after a few video chats, I was certain I'd be safe and sound, banged like the little whore I am. When I enter his residence, I instruct him to strip nude and offer me a drink. I'll pick when and how I touch him. But not before I tease him with a live masturbation performance. I want to watch his penis develop. It gives me a sense of empowerment and fulfillment. I then invite him to sit next to me so that I may kiss his nude body in the places I prefer. I start with his chest and gradually work my way down. I want to place his penis in my mouth, taste his macho secretions, and feel him harden between my red lips. When he is at full strength, I will allow him to place his hands on my body; I can hear his respiration quicken and deepen. As the night passes and I fuck him in every way conceivable, I document the moments of joy. I obscure my own face for obvious reasons, but you can see who I am when you check my profile on SWAG Live.

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