Sex with her Boss

Sometimes you have to go the additional mile to protect your money, your life, and make sure you can pay your expenses. This Chinese girl is struggling to make progress at work and is concerned about her future. When she runs into her boss in the corridor, he does not show much respect for her, but she must win his heart! With a few smiles, charming words, and gestures, she can pique his interest in her. She invites him into her own room and seduces him with a few kisses. He understands exactly what she wants and is confident in offering it to her. He's always considered her as a tiny cheap slut who is easy to capture, and he can't stop the cravings and sensations in his erect dick from rising. He undresses her, massages her breasts, and then moves on to her pussy. He gives her some real oral sex, which she enjoys. They end up fucking like lovers, swapping fluids, and he ejaculates into her pussy.

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