Sex Slave Nurse

As a nurse, you are required to provide care to your patients. But You Ai, a naughty nurse, takes her work extremely seriously and goes above and beyond to make the individuals seeking her care happier than ever. During the day, this nurse is a sex slave to her lusts and desires, seducing patients to fuck her. Sure, it will hasten their rehabilitation, but it is not a simple task. In this 35-minute sex video, you will watch her take up five dicks at the same time. When one is fingering her and another is sucking her breasts, she is holding two dicks with both hands and one in her mouth. All of the holes have been filled, and she allows them to finger her anus and vagina simultaneously. She will get several cumshots on her body, and she understands that an extra dosage of Vitamin D will strengthen her body, so she swallows as much sperm as she can and ensures that the patients heal quicker than ever before.

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