Sex Loyalty Test

Anyia requested her girlfriend to test her boyfriend's loyalty. She promised to assist her and expose the bastard as an unfaithful partner. She arranged up a meeting and made it appear as if she needed some personal attention; at first, he hesitated and informed Anyia that he was in a committed relationship, but when she appeared in tiny lingerie, he was unable to resist. When he failed the test, the lady wanted to make sure he went all the way, which he did. He began to stroke her breasts and suck her nipples, and Anyia began to love this loyalty test and requested that he remove her underpants. Wait no more; he was down her pussy in seconds, sucking her clitoris and fingering. She reciprocated with a blowjob and sucked his dick deep into her throat. In the end, Anyia decided to inform her girlfriend she had a devoted friend so she could have this passionate fuck buddy near to her. Sneaky as fuck, but it's real life.

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