Sex in the Car

A man enjoys driving his automobile like he's riding a woman. And sex in the automobile may be quite hot. In this Japanese sex film, a lady picks up a hitchhiker and the two begin conversing about personal topics throughout the trip. It makes her feel warm and cozy to hear the hitchhiker describe how he likes to make love to women. Out of nowhere, the female suggests a short diversion into the countryside, where there is plenty of seclusion. He realizes she needs some time alone with him, and he complies. They travel down a few lonely roads and arrive at a region with no humans in sight. She goes to sit in the rear and he follows. They start to touch each other. He grips her pussy, and she lets him finger her and make it wet and juicy. Once the clothes are off, they admire each other nude and begin to fuck. Nobody can see or hear them. The movie is 45 minutes long and demonstrates how an unexpected event may lead to sex. This gives us guys hope; there are still ladies who enjoy playing risky sex games.

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