Sex From Behind

His cousin comes visiting him and begins to moan about being weary and having strained muscles. He is a gentleman and offers her a vitalizing massage to make her feel more comfortable and relaxed, but he had no idea his cousin was so lovely. Her legs are long and slim, and the lingerie she is wearing has him eager. He extends his hands carefully up to her private region, and she does not protest. His instincts take control, and she makes him clean by signaling that she wants more than just a leg massage. He accidentally touches her panties, and she makes a lusty sound, indicating that she enjoys every contact he makes. He feels her panties again and keeps his fingers there for a bit longer. She grins at him, and he begins to slowly stroke her vagina through the underwear. She encourages him to take them off so she may enjoy it more. His breathing picks up as he realizes his cousin wants to have sex with him. Why don't you take my clothing off and touch my entire body? He has no doubt that she is extremely hot and wants to experience him nude as well. He pulls off his clothing, and she grins as she looks at his penis; they will do it now, there is no turning back! He starts licking her pussy, and she has one of her numerous orgasms! The movie will rock your cock from beginning to end; this Asian chick is an amazing fuck experience! The entire movie is uncensored!

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