Seduce the Friend

When girls entice men, they always succeed. If it were the other way around, the world would be very different. Women have the right to acquire what they desire. If everything is always fair, we can merely talk about it and never come to a decision. As a result, most pornographic films feature women as the main characters and finish after they are done. It's awful to be a guy in a world where women have first and final rights. So, when the opportunity to fuck a woman presents itself, this lonely guy goes all out. He gets tempted by a lovely Asian lady dressed in a revealing clothing that accentuates her forms and magnificent tits. She opens the door, he gives her presents, she says a few encouraging words, and he's all in. He understands what she wants, and he can offer more than just the product. They begin in the living room, where she uses his feet to jack him off and make his dick hard, then move on to doggystyle sex before finishing in her bedroom with more stunning sex. As soon as she is finished, she leads him to the door.

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