Rough And Hard

After a successful Tinder Date, she goes home with Chris, who appears to be a lovely boy, youthful, and attractive. She considers sex on occasion, but she does not feel fully prepared for a sexual contact with him. things is her first date, and she prefers to take things slowly. Chris had other ideas. He has been thinking about fucking her since they first met, so he planned to offer her something to drink and then sit close to her. He cannot help but slide his hands over her legs. She is able to resist his hands and return the focus to the talk they are having. But not long after, he attempts it again, and this time he doesn't expect to be refused. She begins to appreciate his hands and signals "no" while spreading her legs and rubbing her vagina, hoping he receives the message; she prefers to feel his hands on her pussy rather than her legs. Chris is a quick thinker who understands she wants sex. He undresses her rough and hard, and while she screams no, she helps him out of his trousers. This is an evident clue for Chris that she is attempting to be a regular girl while an inner slut screams for cock. Sperm ends up in her mouth when she decides to blow his cock; he is climaxing so quickly that he still has energy for round two and experimenting with other sex positions. This is a successful Tinder date, and they end up fucking till late into the night. Chris got what he wanted thanks to an app: rapid sex with an Asian slut.

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