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Hey there, lovely souls! I'm Erin, hailing all the way from mainland China. I've been saving up to fulfill my dream of traveling to Taiwan, it's been on my bucket list for the longest time. Born in 2005, I stand at a height of 165cm and weigh 46kg, boasting a charming C cup that adds a little extra spice to my look. Currently, I'm immersing myself in the world of dance, pursuing my passion at the dance department. I have a little secret—I absolutely adore being controlled and trained. There's something so exhilarating about using my body to perform and drive you wild. I hope you can appreciate that side of me. Now, let's talk rules of engagement: Please keep personal questions private. I'm considering opening up paid meetings, but please refrain from constantly asking about it. Let's keep it civil—no attacking me or other viewers, please. If you're interested in private performances or ticketing, feel free to purchase a gift (starting from 1,000 diamonds) to initiate the process. Each minute of performance costs 1,000 diamonds. For customized videos, it's 10 purple and black diamonds per minute (with face) or 5 purple and black diamonds per minute (without face). During my free live broadcasts, I'll be wearing a mask for privacy reasons. Once the fee is paid, I'll gladly remove the mask. I will make sure to welcome newcomers with open arms. Oh, and remember, we'll be taking Mondays off, so no empty-handed farewells, please. Let's keep this space full of warmth and positivity!

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