Intense Sex Massage

Meet Li, a sexy Chinese woman who enjoys going to the massage salon every Sunday before beginning her week as a Live Cam Girl on SWAG Live. Her sessions are always passionate and wicked, and she has a great rapport with her massage therapist, a handsome man with soft, flexible fingers who makes her pussy throb every time he touches her. Today he promised to try out some new techniques he had learnt, and he leaves no stone unturned as she is lying on her stomach on the massage table. He gently touches her back, working his way down to her nicely formed ass. When he removes her underwear, the aroma of horniness and desire fills the air, and he knows she is ready for some intense rubbing on and inside her vagina. Massaging her pussy lips while massaging her clit with his other hand sends her insane. He became hotter before she realized he had improved his finger talents. While making lustful groans, she spreads her legs, signaling him to go deeper and harder, and elevates her ass, exposing her butthole. Fingers are slipping into every orifice, and he receives a stiff dick while providing her pleasure. Taking out his penis and advancing towards her head puts her in the ideal position to suck his penis while remaining completely still on the table. He blasts sperm deep into her lips, and she licks every drop.

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