Hot After Masturbation

Meet Li Mengqian, who is visiting her closest friend after having issues with her parents. She has some dirty thoughts when they are seated on the sofa, watching television. She walks to the toilet, masturbating and fingering herself, hoping her lusts and sexual sensations will subside. When she reaches a climax, she returns to the living room and resumes watching television; however, her closest friend senses something unusual. They begin discussing a romantic scenario on television, and she tells him that she wants to experience the same romanticism; he knows what she wants and is more than happy to provide it to her. He tells her that in order for this to happen, she must first kiss him, and then they may proceed. Without hesitation, she sets her lips on his mouth, and his hands explore her body. He removes his pants and shows her his dick. Her attention is piqued, so she touches him to make him hard. Pure instinct takes control, and she begins to gently kiss his dick while stroking him hard. There is no turning back now; clothing are slipping off and he places her in various postures. She likes his deep penetration and climaxes on several occasions. He finally finishes deep inside her, ejaculating her sperm into her pussy.

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