Hey there! Nice to meet you all! My name's Arisa, and I'm from Japan, living right here in the heart of the country. I might not speak Chinese, but I'm eager to learn and give it my best shot. Let's all get along and have some fun together! It works as follows, you can sign up at my profile page on SWAG Live to become a fan of mines, and send me messages. This will help me to communicate with you in every possible language. Maybe I will be using a translation software, but I would only do this cause I want to communicate with you. I made a small introduction movie, it is on my profile! You can see if when you come to me. No Worries, I wont bite. I am happy to be at SWAG Live and not have to fear for anything when talking about naughty things. Also, maybe not important, but I have really huge breasts!

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