Lily fucks a Couple

A wealthy Asian couple visits SWAG Live on a regular basis. They have an open marriage, so they are used to having a second woman in the bed for an exciting threesome. After days of communicating with Lily on SWAG, the couple decided to invite her to meet them in person. She is picked up in a luxurious sedan and transported to the couple's house, where she is greeted warmly. They blindfold Lily and begin to strip her, the women in the rear and the man in front. She stands in the midst, feeling all of the hands on her body, and becoming wet in her tight vagina. The sex is intense and well-received. This sex clip is enjoyable to watch because to the perfect noises and body motions. The threesome lasts roughly 35 minutes, with plenty of orgasms and nasty positions tested out. The man touches Lily, as his wife carries her breasts from behind. Lily is bursting with orgasms. She was unaccustomed to such sensations and orgasms occurring so quickly.

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